“The Speed of Trust,” March 5, 2023

The Touchstones Theme for March is Trust. On March 5th11am, our Beloved Esther Wallace, MDiv, delivers a sermon entitled “The Speed Of Trust.” Reverend Jen Bailey of the Faith Matters Network has said “Social change happens at the speed of relationships. And relationships move at the speed of trust.” We live in a time of eroding trust. Whether because of threats to our democratic institutions, misinformation, or interpersonal difficulties, it can feel increasingly difficult to rely on that which once felt certain and solid. This service asks: what would it take to cultivate a speed of trust in our lives and communities?

Diedrik and Kaj Edholm provide the musical accompaniment.

This live in-person service takes place at Odd Fellows Hall, 526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA, 94019. Currently, UUCC requires mask wearing for churchgoers throughout the service—with the exception of those actively speaking from the front of the room.

Links: The Zoom link to this service has been disabled. The order of service is here and our most recent newsletter is here.

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