Social Action

Our neighbors and nation

From its founding in the late 16th century, the Unitarian Universalist movement has been known for its overarching humanism and inclusivity, its historic leadership in social, legal, and educational reform, and its members’ activism on behalf of peace, justice, and the Earth.  Even this small congregation has several members who focus their time on making life better for all people on the Coastside, especially those affected by homelessness, hunger, and other basic needs.  In this agricultural area, and in a time when separated families are in custody at the US-Mexico border, we especially strive to help our Latinx immigrant families receive fair treatment, education, and the means of succeeding here. 

There are opportunities to help with this social action.  Of course, one way is donating money, and we traditionally raise funds for a local non-profit during our winter holiday service.  Over several years, this little congregation has given thousands of dollars to non-profits such as Abundant Grace/Coastside Worker and Coastside Hope.  We’ve also taken special collections for ALAS (Ayudando Latinos a Soñar, or Helping Latinx People Dream) and the Moonridge housing project Tutoring Project.  

During the Covid-19 closure, many of our Coastside neighbors have suffered great hardship, and we’ve dedicated another service to raising funds for the Coastside Crisis Fund, which distributes financial aid through several non-profits. 

Another way you can help is to email and ask to be connected to one of our very involved members.  They will be happy to talk with you!Finally, in an election year, the Unitarian Universalist movement in the US provides activism opportunities through such organizations as UU the Vote (  On their current website you’ll find 50+ ways to take part in organizing for a more progressive society.