“So the Dude, Like, Actually Abides? Is Dudeism a Real Religion?” May 2, 2021

The Touchstones Theme for May is Acceptance and May 2nd’s sermon is an experiment in Church 2.0. Our beloved Bill Heavlin returns to explore the multiple human and religious threads interwoven into the plot of the movie The Big Lebowski, and implied by the lifestyle of the Dude in a sermon entitled:  “So the Dude, Like, Actually Abides? Is Dudeism a Real Religion?”

In 1998, the Coen brothers’ released the movie The Big Lebowski.  A sleeper when first released in theaters, TBL has emerged as a cult hit, anchored chiefly by the appeal of its main character, Jeff Lewbowski, a.k.a. the Dude, “the laziest man in Los Angeles County.” Unlike other cult hits, TBL inspired a tongue-in-cheek religion called  Dudeism,” one with over 450,000 Dudeist priests worldwide as of May 2017.

So, is Dudeism a real religion? Bill doesn’t want you to think he’s worked too hard on any of this. Nonetheless, he finds grist for laughter, whimsy, and even a little joy in examining the cultural impact of The Big Lebowski through the lens of a US-centric, religious landscape with the motto “Just Take it Easy, Mankind.” Be sure and come wearing your bathrobe! And bring onions!

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