“Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny,” May 16, 2021

The Rev. Chris Schriner returns to talk with us on Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny.” We can often learn more from laughter than from lectures. Our guest speaker this morning draws upon the wisdom of the comics to explore the pleasures and pitfalls of close relationships.

Rev. Chris is Minister Emeritus of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont. He was a family therapist for 25 years, and he is the author of six books, including Feel Better Now: 30 Ways to Handle Frustration in 3 Minutes or Less, Your Living Mind: The Mystery of Consciousness and Why It Matters to You, and Bridging the God Gap: Finding Common Ground Among Believers, Atheists and Agnostics. Although his sermon focuses on love relationships, the lessons he shares from the funny papers apply to all sorts of human interactions.

And don’t forget to sign in a little earlier to hear the beautiful Gathering Music by Jo Ann Schriner. Inspiring music will be provided by Tom Devine and Mo Robinson.

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For the Order of Service, click here. Please join us at 11:00 am Pacific, 2pm Eastern. Gathering and music begin at 10:55 am Pacific Time.

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