“Peshat, Remez, Derash, Sod: Making Meaning Through the Texts of Our Lives,” April 3, 2022

The Touchstones theme for April is Theological Reflection. We are so happy to welcome Esther Wallace back to the UUCC pulpit on April 3rd, with a sermon entitled “Peshat, Remez, Derash, Sod: Making Meaning Through the Texts of Our Lives.” Our dominant culture idealizes productivity as a measure of our worth, frequently devaluing practices of rest and spiritual reflection. If we seek to cultivate practices of theological reflection, we often encounter both cultural resistance and a sense of being overwhelmed by our options (or lack thereof). Drawing from Jewish exegetical practices, Buddhist teachings, and embodied awareness, this sermon considers the questions: what does it mean to practice theological reflection? What does theological reflection mean in a Unitarian Universalist context? How do we navigate the intersection of our particular, individual spiritual identities with our collective theological meaning-making? 

Esther Wallace works and plays in the realms of meaning-making, sacred space, and social justice. Esther is very interested in emergent spiritual communities and the intersections of ministry and disability. She is in the final stages of pursuing her Master of Divinity degree at Starr King School for the Ministry.

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