Past Services

Our YouTube channel shows many past services.

On December 19, UUCC presented “Turning Towards the Light: An All-Music Interfaith Program and Holiday Fundraiser for Senior Coastsiders.” Tom Devine was this service’s artisitic and music director. We received over 400 views of this music special.

On December 5, Rev Summer Albayati spoke on “Embodied Healing Rituals: Sufi Islam’s Pathway to Peace and Love.” The YouTube video will be posted shortly.

On November 21, Clovice A Lewis, Jr spoke to us. His original sermon was called “Breaking the Silence with Martin Luther King, Jr.

On November 7, Rev Brian Ferguson led a service. His sermon was “Mercy: The Antidote to Anger.

On October 3, the service was led by the Rev Kirk Loadman-Copeland. His sermon was entitled “Arise Sweet Earth.

On September 5. Bill Heavlin presented a service entitled “Laughter and the Rich Ground of Reason.”

On August 1, 2021, the service was led by Esther Wallace, which she entitled “To Touch Our Bread Deeply and Become Reborn: Meditations on Communion.” This was a UUCC fundraiser for ALAS.

On July 4, 2021, the service was again led by Kai Marks, entitled “Finding the Hero Within: Exploring the Sacred Aspects of the Hero’s Journey.

On June 6, 2021, Kai Marks presented a service with the title “I’m Familiar with the Works of Pablo Neruda: The Care and Feeding of Your Soul.

On May 16, 2021, Rev Chris Shriner presented a sermon entitled “Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny.”

And on May 2, Bill Heavlin channeled The Dude of The Big Lebowski fame. His talk has inviting if tongue-in-cheek title of “So the Dude, Like, Actually Abides? Is Dudeism a Real Religion?

On April 18, Dr Tovis Page offers a sermon entitled “Practice Presence on the Forming Edge of Our Lives.”

On April 4, Rev Tony Bernard spoke on “Teaching Meditation in a Maximum Security Prison.”

On March 21, 2021, Rev Kirk Loadman-Copeland spoke of “Reaching the Pinnacle: Respect.”