“Loving Kindness,” September 18, 2022

On September 18, UUCC welcomes back David Marsland to our pulpit, with a sermon entitled “Loving Kindness.” 

Our world calls out for loving kindness. In our Unitarian Universalist services we often sing the Metta Chant, an ancient Buddhist loving kindness practice. This service centers on sharing a simple meditation practice of loving kindness, so we’ll have an opportunity to practice loving kindness. Loving kindness towards ourselves, towards those we know and love, towards those we don’t know and those we don’t love. Even towards those whom we find it hard to love. Loving kindness for all beings.

Along with his wife Verna Barrientos, David Marsland participates regularly in the UU Coastside Community. David led a previous UUCC service on Climate Action. And he loves to bicycle. With four sons and three granddaughters, David wants to do all he can to ensure that they live in a world full of loving kindness. 

Like other 3rd Sunday services, this September 18 service is over Zoom only.

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The Order of Service is here. On September 18, gathering for service and music begin at 10:55 am and the service per se begins promptly at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern.

The Zoom link for this service is now disabled.

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