“I’m Familiar with the Works of Pablo Neruda: The Care and Keeping of Your Soul,” June 6, 2021

Fans of “The Simpsons” will likely recognize this line from the episode in which Bart sells his soul for five dollars. The Touchstones Theme for June is Care of the Soul. Kai Marks, a UUCC favorite, returns with a sermon entitled “I’m familiar with the Works of Pablo Neruda: The Care and Keeping of Your Soul.”

What is our soul? And how do we go about caring for it without feeling as if we’ve “lost” or “sold” it? Now, more than ever, we need to nurture a connection with our soul. Sometimes, it’s the smallest actions that impact our spiritual lives the most and the smallest moments that remind us of what we are called to become. Whether you’re longing to discover or recover your soul, join us as we explore ways to connect with the sacred in our everyday lives—and, ultimately, to discover the best in ourselves and in each other. Why? Because when Destiny calls, our soul knows just how to answer.

And when music inspires, we thank our music director Tom Devine.

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