Flower Communion, July 5, 2020

UUCC will hold its first All-Music Sunday and Flower Communion as we celebrate “Beauty in Diversity” with poetry, music, and a community-contributed flower slideshow this Sunday, July 5th. Four choirs will be featured – Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Coastside Threshold Choir, Krista Enos’ Solstice, and our own choir.

Our choir includes Elizabeth Winchell, Joanne Rokosky, LindaGrace Frost, and Tom Devine under the direction of Shauna Pickett-Gordon, our Music Director. And if that wasn’t enough, Tom and Shauna will perform beautiful piano music and Mo Robinson toe-tapping folk guitar songs. Shauna and Drew Wilson, our vocal sound mixer, have created this all-hands-on-deck music extravaganza that’s something you will not want to miss!

Email uucoastside@gmail.com for Zoom link and password.