“From Ally to Advocate: Showing up for the LGBTQ+ community,” June 18, 2023

June is Pride Month! We warmly welcome back Verna Barrientos to speak on “From Ally to Advocate: Showing up for the LGBTQ+ community.” While LGBTQ+ rights and visibility have come a long way, recent legislation in many states has hindered the LGBTQ+ community‚Äôs visibility and access to humane care and treatment. During this service we will discuss LGBTQ+ culture, queer history, and how to move from being an LGBTQ+ ally to an advocate. Not sure of the difference? Not sure how to get there? Then please join us for this timely and important service and conversation.

Links: (a) To the order of service, and (b) to our most recent newsletter. (c) The Zoom link to this service is now disabled.

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