Climate Action: We Can Overcome Climate Change (October 18, 2020)

Join us on October 18th as David Marsland discusses “Climate Action: We Can Overcome Climate Change.” Most of us are well aware of the effects of climate change and somewhat aware of the causes. More importantly, what can we do individually and collectively to reduce the magnitude and impact of climate change? Let’s talk about taking Climate Action together. 

David Marsland participates in UU Coastside along with his wife Verna Barrientos. David has been active in climate leadership since 2006. After seeing “An Inconvenient Truth” for the third time at a Sierra Club event, David signed up to be Global Warming chair for the Guadalupe group of the Loma Prieta Chapter. David co-led Cool Cities San Jos√©, the Sierra Club’s campaign to solve global warming one city at a time. In 2009 David traveled to Copenhagen to attend the COP-15 Climate Conference. Our musicians for that day will be Shauna Pickett-Gordon, piano, and Mo Robinson, folk guitar.

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