“Becoming an Activist by Learning How to Follow,” August 20, 2023

On Sunday, August 20th, we warmly welcome one of UUCC’s founders, Joanne Rokosky. On this date, Joanne continues her exploration of the August Touchstones theme of Activism, with a sermon entitled “Becoming an Activist by Learning How to Follow.” Joanne will introduce us to faith-based community organizing and Faith in Action Bay Area. What is faith-based community organizing? How is this work different from that of traditional service organizations? How does it align with our Unitarian Universalist principles? How has she engaged in and how might you consider engaging in this type of activism?

Following the Gallery View Third Sunday format, this is a Zoom-only service.

Links: (a) To the Order of Service, (b) to our most recent newsletter. (c) The Zoom link to this service is now disabled.

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