“Are UU Principles REASONable?” September 19, 2021

For Sunday, September 19, our service continues on the Touchstone theme of Reason. Our frequent Chalice Lighter and longtime UUCC Planning Committee member Dave Rokosky will speak and encourage a lively discussion on “Are UU Principles REASONable?”

Do you despair that we appear to live in an “Age of Unreason”? Let’s try to escape into a somewhat intellectual discussion of reason. What is it and why is it an important topic in the UU world today? Perhaps you will be surprised to learn that it is not all calm waters on the waves of UU sources and principles. Come ready to defend your favorite principle and source from the double-edged sword of reason.

David Rokosky is a longtime Unitarian-Universalist. A retired Social Worker, Dave earned a Master of Social Work degree at Florida State University and was a National Institute of Mental Health Fellow at the University of Washington. You might bump into him on the trails in Quarry Park or at a local playground while he enjoys time with his two granddaughters or while he tends to garden plots at the Quarry Park Community Garden. He believes that reason and science are our best tools for figuring out what to believe and what purpose we choose to create.

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Please join us at 11:00 am Pacific, 2pm Eastern.Gathering for service and music begin at 10:50 am.

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