“A Gathering of Inspiratons (on Humility),” June 16, 2024

On Sunday, June 16, we explore the odd/deliberate juxtaposition of the Touchstones topic of Humility in June and the summer celebration of Pride at our next Gathering of Inspirations. We meet at 11 am at the Odd Fellows Hall in kitchen/reception area. Someone is likely inspired to bring humble pie, filled with a fruit+ filling. There is also the prospect of an (optional, colorfilled) artsy craftsy project from the Multi-Faith partners’s table at the June 9 Pride parade—glue, scissors, cardstock, rainbow paper.  Oh, and Rev. Ryan Althaus’ First Sunday service on Humility is probably now available, but what do I know.

Odd Fellows Hall is located at 526 Main Street, in Half Moon Bay.

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