A word from our founders

The UUCC creation story began when the Founders first met on August 2, 2015 at the Half Moon Bay Coffee Company.  We varied from having lots of UU background, to just a little, to none.  Unlike in classic creation stories, none of us were gods, offspring of gods nor mythical heroes.  Rather we were common folk who were seekers and perhaps visionaries.  Whether our dreams were for a small group experience or all the way to a fully functioning UU church, we were clearly liked-hearted with the hope for spiritual growth in the context of community.

There is one way in which our creation story is like the classical ones.  Our story does give us a reference point that helps give meaning, purpose and direction on how we can be in right relation to each other and the earth.  The crispness of life on the Coastside and our UU Principles portend a hopeful future in which we will continue to “work together for a peaceful, sustainable, socially just and happier world.” 

Please feel welcomed to join us on this Coastside liberal religious journey.